Celebrate Your Next Victory

I opened up my parents fridge one day, late last year, trust me I open that fridge more than once a year to raid it of ingredients I need (I live 30metres away). Its like I’ve never left home.  In the door of the fridge was a bottle of Mumm Champagne (reasonably pricey) with these awesome words…

Celebrate Your Next Victory!

Usain Bolt is the latest face of the brand.

I don’t have new years resolutions, I get words or phrases, and they just launch themselves onto me. Last year was “Shade”, and it really was a year I felt shaded in a protective way. This years came from a bottle of grog. I saw it and it just stuck to me, “Yeah, that’s right, I’m not finished!”. Coincidentally I saw this bottle of grog the same day I got my unconditional offer to study my Masters of Sexual and Reproductive Health, I literally just finished my Bachelor weeks earlier. And I get…

Celebrate Your Next Victory!

I choose to live my life by the spirit driven opportunities that present themselves. So here I was today, scrolling through week two learning materials, male scrotums and signs of syphilis jumping out at me, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m actually not joking.

I’ve had people call me “idealistic”, or ask me with a stunned, and confused face why I would want to do more study while on my first year out of my Bachelor. Shouldn’t I just focus on my clinical skills or settling in?

Shouldn’t you have focused on your children and not done study at all?

Shouldn’t you stay at home and stop traveling away from your husband for work?

Shouldn’t you cook more healthy food and exercise three times a week?

Shouldn’t you buy a house instead of spending your money on holidays with your family?

Shouldn’t you wear a bra?

Shouldn’t you have studied Nursing to be Midwife?

Shouldn’t you… Shouldn’t you… Shouldn’t you…

I’ts International Women’s Day soon and events are popping up around the city. Today my husband and I went to the Tanks Art Centre, here in Cairns, to see art by young female artists in the area. It centred around International Women’s Day and what it meant to be a woman today.

change the world 3

change the world 4

On the global scale I am one of the most privileged women in the world, almost every opportunity is mine. I also live with a supportive partner and family surrounding me. I wish that every woman had this to say about her life. Its not about having the most money, its about having opportunity to do what you need to do, to follow your passions, to not live in poverty, and to live a healthy life filled with healthy relationships.

For those that get the opportunity to follow their dreams, do it! For those that have the opportunity to break into fields where females have barely gone before, do it! For those who have the opportunity to be a mum AND study, to be a mum AND a leader in your workplace, do it! And we need to support each other, we need to say “Go girl!”.

Cause the more women start to come into leadership, the more balance we will begin to see in so many fields of work, community organizations, and families.

Millions of women around the world didn’t get a chance to go to school, finish school, choose when, and who they married, and choose when they have children.

Its so exciting to see women move into positions of great influence, and we have a responsibility to reach out and help other women along the way, to make it better for other women to follow.

And it all starts with the next step, the journey never ends, the goals keep being updated.


for you,

and for her.

change the world


change the world 2



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