First big O in 12 months!

I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m not talking about an ORGASM, I’m talking about OVULATION, which actually leads to some pretty good orgasms too. That’s right, today is the day and I am feeling all woman, energized, sexy, and there is a bounce in my step.

Why am I so happy about this? Cause I haven’t had an ovulation since a year ago. Why? You ask. Because against all my negative instincts towards hormonal birth control, I went on the combined oral contraceptive pill. Whats even more sad is that it wasn’t for birth control (my husband sorted that out permanently, years ago) it was for my vanity! My skin!

I caved in and took the pill, and it fixed all my skin problems. Beautiful skin everyday, no need for makeup.

But I missed my hormones, my real hormones. I missed a real period.

Yes my hormones gave me pimples, they gave me PMS like you’d never believe, but they gave me my youth, my highs, as well as the lows. Normal cycle hormones give you SEX DRIVE. And in fact they give you DRIVE in general, when your in your mid cycle. That is all thanks to estrogen. It starts to rise after you’ve finished your menstruation, you finally feel good again. And it gets better the closer you get to ovulation, estrogen peaks, and you ovulate. You have energy, clear thinking, sex drive/libido, better skin etc.

This soaring wave of estrogen is fantastic and you don’t get this when your on the pill, or really any contraception. I often think why do so many women not really want to have sex much? How many of them are on contraception? Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, also don’t usually have fantastic sex drives, but that is nature’s “normal”. Estrogen is the hormone that lacks in post menopausal women, it makes there skin dry, as well as other things, and it is blamed for the lowering of sex drive.

And then there is progesterone, which instead of exciting and energizing, is more of a relaxing and calming hormone. Some people believe, that it is the “too early” decline in progesterone that creates PMS for women. Progesterone also holds a pregnancy, if progesterone drops, you bleed. It is also the hormone that declines in late pregnancy to allow oxytocin to have its way with creating contractions. Progesterone is all about CALM.

the big o

The combined oral pill has fake estrogen in it, other contraceptives may only have fake progesterone in them. Their sole job is to make sure your body doesn’t do anything that excites having a baby. This includes, sex drive, drying up vaginal lubrication (which helps sperm live), closing your cervix and keeping it nice and firm, not building the endometrial layer of your womb (which the egg would like to implant into), stopping ovulation altogether!

It does a fabulous job doesn’t it?

big o 3

Think of this though, a woman takes contraception from age 16 till 29 when she wants to have a baby. She then falls pregnant and has the baby, she then has either a natural contraceptive, breastfeeding, or takes a prescribed contraceptive till she falls pregnant with the second one. Once finished having children, the woman continues to use contraception till menopause at age 50.

An entire youthful life almost never experiencing what it feels like to get high on your normal hormones, to ovulate, to have the best sex drive you can get. Not to mention the effects on women’s mental health, one of the main side effects to some of the most used contraception is depression. And then look at the statistics, women account for 70% of the antidepressants prescribed.

I don’t know, it just seems a tad sad. And the feminist in me feels like this is another medicalized way of controlling women instead of embracing exactly how we are. But on the complete opposite side, it has given us the freedom to choose when we want children and how many of them we will have. Most people don’t want 8 children, and most people don’t like condoms.

I am thankful for contraceptive. But I want to excite a bit more thought into it all. I am saddened that most women hate their periods, and their hormones. I know that there are conditions out there that make hating your period 100% validated. But for most of us, I promise you, your hormones really are trying to be good! They can give you so much. They give us babies (when we want them), they give us everything that makes us a woman. We are so unique that when medical experts want to test things, they don’t want women! They want men. Cause we are too unpredictable, we are too cyclic.

What is the purpose of the cycle? God, why did you make this?

My thoughts are these –

He made it so we weren’t fertile all the time, that was very thoughtful, or we would breed like rabbits.

He made it so that it was predictable to a CERTAIN DEGREE, allowing for us to naturally avoid pregnancy to a CERTAIN DEGREE.

He made women to experience changes in moods to accommodate the different roles we had to play. Quiet, deep thinking and resting during menstruation, productive work leading up to ovulation, creative thinking near ovulation, high libido for happy relationships and baby making around ovulation. Slow decrease in energy, to resting again for menstruation.

Possible reason for PMS, to sort any arguments or disagreements out that have been present over the last month. To be protective and aggressive when needing to protect our loved ones (hey worth a shot at trying to give it a worthy cause!).

So that is the end of another intimate post regarding my thoughts on hormones, and women’s amazing cycles. We are absolutely amazing! No wonder I am in a career that is all about hormones doing exactly what they want.

My last cycle post you can read here The Monthly Cleanse

big o 4



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