Witchcraft and God

I have a Buddhist symbol painting on my desk, I have had acupuncture, I enjoy reading about what months people are born in and how that frequently aligns with personality traits, I was given a rose quartz rock on my wedding day and I used hypnosis to birth. And I’m a Christian. I have found it so hard to totally wrap my head around  the idea of witchcraft, and God, and the bible. To me the only way I can simplify it is this, if your

  • giving the credit to God,
  • if your uplifting, healing and encouraging others
  • if your acknowledging that he came up with all this cool stuff before anyone else did.
  • if your being led by the spirit of God and not other fascinations

Then it’s from God, it’s good, it’s not witchcraft. Others may disagree, that’s okay, definitely not saying I’ve got it totally worked out, we never will till we get to heaven.

I have always thought as I walked past taro card readers, or fortune tellers at the markets, why are they the only ones at the markets offering the general public advice? I’d always joke that I should just set up my own table there and give out free words from God for people. Do you think its only “those kind of people” who have that kind of ability? No, people are given that ability whether they are christian or not, and they use it, for God, for fun, for themselves, for money etc. Personally I have been jealous that people who weren’t Christians were seemingly having all the fun in the spiritual department. They seemed to be doing all the the interesting things, hypnosis, massage, yoga, acupuncture, astrology, dances and being in touch with nature.

I feel like I might lose some readers on this one haha

Historically, and sadly, often in most churches to this day, if you start getting too spiritual and alternative to the “lay hands on someone and pray” model, your booted out. Your called a witch, you would’ve been killed only a couple hundred years ago. I’m pretty sure I would of been burned by now.

God made Earth and his spirit hovered over it, over its waters, I love C.S. Lewis’s (author of the Chronicles of Narnia) version of it –

“One moment there was nothing but darkness and the singing voice. Then the next, a thousand constellations, a thousand points of light leaped out of the sky, single stars, planets, brighter and bigger than any our world had ever seen. The singing voice rose and rose. The sun came up, it looked younger than the sun in our world, like it could laugh with happiness every time it came up and the colours of the land, that became clearer, were hot and vivid, they made you feel excited! Until you saw the singer himself; then you forgot everything else.”

“Narnia, Narnia, Narnia, awake. Love. Think. Speak. Be walking trees. Be talking beasts. Be divine waters.”(Chapter 8, The Magicians Nephew).


Maybe I love the Chronicles of Narnia because everything in it is so alive, so magical. Life was breathed into it by a shaggy lions song.

I feel that God breathed his spirit and power over this Earth and made things so much more intricate that we could of imagined. I have been spoken to by nature so many times, but I’m not giving the credit to Mother Earth, I’m giving it God. The acupuncture I received helped me so much and if you look it up, acupuncture is about a life force inside your body and balancing that. Ummm, I definitely have a life force in me and once again, I’ll be thanking God that someone figured out that sticking needles in it heals people. Although it definitely wasn’t a Christian who figured it out, cause if it was, the other Christians probably would have stoned them before they were able to finish working it out. Cause back then,  if people didn’t get healed from a prayer alone, then witchcraft must be involved. Actaully I feel like this attitude still hangs around. God put stuff in place on this amazing planet for us to use.

Now I will say that because I’ve been a Christian my whole life I have pretty good discernment. So I’ve never had my fortune told, or tarot cards read. Cause although these people may be gifted, they aren’t giving the glory to God, they probably aren’t hearing from God, and they could be hearing from other sources. Sources I don’t want to hear from. You don’t want to hear from your dead relative through a fortune teller or medium. Sorry that’s not safe, and you could be taking on stuff that you don’t even realize.

So yes, you need discernment, led by the spirit of God in you. If it seems murky then be safe, don’t go there. I don’t want anyone chanting, predicting, over my life who isn’t hearing from God. If someone does, just don’t accept it. Ill tell you an interesting story,

When I was trying for my first baby, I worked in retail and one of the girls said to me at the start of the shift “I had a dream about you. You were pregnant with a girl and you had diabetes in pregnancy. ” I’d never heard of diabetes in pregnancy, but the rest of the dream sounded awesome. I ended up being pregnant that month. I also ended up with gestational diabetes. WTF, seriously. I was a 19 year old, fit and healthy girl with no family history of diabetes. Do you understand how rare this is? No doctor could understand.

There was one thing that the dream got wrong. I had a boy.

I always wonder if those words spoken over me had more power than I had realized at the time. Maybe I accepted them cause I just wanted to be pregnant. Be careful what you accept, you my not even realize what that is. Often words from the enemy can seem quite good, often its what you want, often parts of it are true, that’s why people keep going back. But it’s the additives to the prophecy that are dangerous, the stuff that you accept cause the other things were true.

I remember at that same workplace we’d do the hold your ring over your palm and it will tell you how many children you’ll have and what gender. I said “It wont work for me, God won’t let it work” haha. And it was true, the prediction was totally wrong!

I guess I want to encourage those who have a spiritual gift, we all do actually, to not be afraid to be different. Christians need to take back the spiritual, take back what was breathed onto the Earth all those years ago. We have been so lost for far to long, and many things have been claimed by other religions and faiths, but that doesn’t mean it’s not Gods! It’s Gods and it’s ours.

So you can be a christian acupuncture practitioner if you please! You can create your very own hypnosis for birth course that also incorporates the powerful spirit of God! Wow, wouldn’t that supersede the normal hynobirthing tracks?

Be discerning and creative in the spirit!

love to you all x






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  1. Gail Reardon says:

    well written Jessica – can’t say I agree with the bit about yoga and massage as they are 2 things that I love. xx


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