Life is symbolic, start interpreting

Numbers, birthdays, colours, dreams, words, birds, trees, people, absolutely anything you could think of can be interpreted. Christmas day I opened my present from my eldest son, he bought it in Nepal. It was a painting of a Buddhist symbol, the shades of blue were beautiful and with it came a little interpretation of it’s meaning. “The Blue Lotus, a symbol of victory of the spirit over the senses.” It couldn’t have been more appropriate for me at the time, my emotions, senses can run rampant and it takes a spirit greater than mine to dispel them and also my husbands cuddles. When I researched more about the blue lotus there was even greater symbolism to it than first thought.

blue lotus 2

I interpreted an almost full double rainbow (how often do you see them?) on the morning of the day I later got accepted into my midwifery degree. Two rainbows meant that both Adrian and I were starting uni this year, and we did.

I dream a lot, often it’s whole lot of rubbish but then sometimes I wake, and I think, and then it hits me, that that was super unique and well put together. As if it doesn’t mean anything?

I have been thinking lately that it is our choice to believe what we think we saw, or think we felt, or think we heard. We are so detached and skeptical as a western society that I know we have lost touch, we have lost trust in our instincts, in our powerful subconscious and intuition. People actually snigger and make fun of people who express a spiritual side to them. We are so in touch with our physical realm that we can’t easily connect with whats unseen, we have so much insurance and protection that we don’t often need to hang on a prayer, to hang on for life.

I don’t want to turn into an African witch doctor and wear a mask and scatter rooster talons on the ground to make it rain. Then again maybe I would toss something on the ground if I thought that’s what was needed and God was telling me to do. Plenty of whacked out things were done by prophets and Jesus himself in the bible. Sometimes I used to wonder why did Jesus tell the guy to go bathe in these particular baths, then he would be healed, instead of just saying “you are healed”? Why did Jesus take dirt and his own spit and stick it in someones blind eye to make him see? He could have easily just willed it to happen without the extra facial exfoliate.

Because it’s awesome. God’s actually very creative and comes up with cool ideas. And people used to do creative things with their faith without being afraid of looking ‘weird’. When I was in labour with my third child I impulsively prayed in another language a few times. Not a language of this Earth. The midwife was like “What did she say?”….. never mind midwife, I don’t want a mental health referral over this.

Can we just be spiritual! Not religious.

I know that some Christians will read the first paragraph and think, how can God talk to her through a Buddhist symbol painting? Cause he made the Blue Lotus before any Buddhist made it into a symbol. He came up with everything first. God is everywhere. He speaks to people when they are high on drugs, haven’t we all heard of those Christians that came to God cause he came to them when they were high. You may laugh, but there is no barrier, there is nowhere God won’t go for you. He will show up for you in anything. So take what you get from him from anywhere.

Some people are more sensitive to symbolism and that’s okay if that’s not you. But when something does stick out for you, follow it up, look into its meaning, ask yourself what you feel, ask God, maybe he’ll reveal it to you.

I don’t believe the world started with a bang,

you were born on that day for a reason, your birth date is symbolic.

Your life is symbolic and purposeful.

I love the quote, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” On a side note God will still present himself to you in your life whether you believe it or not, but your missing out on a whole dimension of amazing if you don’t live a little in the spirit world. xo

ps. I do own rooster talons, but I promise you it’s cause I just recently had to give my rooster a pedicure!

symbol 2





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