Remember who you are.

I want to take you back, back to when you saw your future so large, so large, you thought you could be anything, maybe even a king like Simba the lion. Maybe you wanted to be something ridiculous, but it didn’t matter, cause you knew your place in the circle of life. Your place, your inheritance, you owned it. This is a scene from The Lion King. If you’d love to hear the gorgeous soundtrack to this scene so you can truly go back click on this link HERE… seriously, its just magical, wait for the middle of the song when it starts to pick up. And if your able to, you can read the rest of my post below with gorgeous music!


Simba is living in a dream world, it’s lush, and it pretty much gives him everything he wants without any worries, “hakuna matata”. But there is something missing, he only realizes this space every now and then, and when he does he feels it right down to the core of himself.

Rafiki appears one night, Simba doesn’t know who this annoying baboon is and in his mopey mood, just wants to be left alone. But Rafiki know’s who Simba is and know’s Simba’s father.

Simba – “I hate to tell you this but, my father died a long time ago.”

Rafiki – “Nope. Wrong again, he’s alive…”

Simba is desperate for answers and follows Rafiki on a mad chase through tangled vines and trees in the dark. They arrive at a still pond. Rafiki invites Simba to look into the water, but all Simba sees is a reflection of himself.

Rafiki – “No look harder…”

And Simba looks again and he sees his father.

Rafiki – “You see he lives in you.”

Simba’s father appears in the dark sky.

“Simba… You have forgotten me.”

Simba – “No! How could I?”

“You have forgotton who you are. So you have forgotten me. Look inside yourself; you are more than what you have become. You must take you place in the circle of life.”


“Remember who you are! You are MY son.”

This big lion, was the little cub who seemed to have more guts back when he was little. How much did he know exactly who he was and what he was going to be? How could he have forgotten this?

Because something happened to that brave little cub, things didn’t go to plan, and he felt he was probably to blame for all of it. He didn’t do everything right, and everything got wrecked. It got seriously messy, and don’t you dare think about being a king now, you’ve ruined that. In fact, you don’t even think you would be very good at it anyway anymore. Run away. Run far away from that place. Forget what you thought life was going to be like, cause it’s not like that at all, grow up, move on. Welcome to the real world.

But Simba runs back after his encounter. Without a real plan of how he will achieve what he needs to, just knowing what the goal is, he runs. And you know how the story goes…

I will not waffle on. I have minimized my place in the circle of life many times, and still to this day I get tempted to just keep things minimal, sometimes I do. The things I come up with require SERIOUS work, and it would be way easier to just be a normal person, wanting a normal life. I’m like the crazy person who sees her family living in a hut somewhere near a river with hippos, while I help women have healthy pregnancies and babies. Or the crazy woman who sets up her own walk in midwifery clinic in the middle of town, so any woman can just waltz in and chat to a midwife. It’ll be called Sister Midwives, cause my sister and I will run it haha. Do you see why it would be easier to just be a normal? Because we are made to dream BIG, BIG BIG. And maybe all our crazy ideas won’t come to pass, but some of them actually will.

Jesus – “Look inside yourself. Remember who you are. You are my child. You are royalty.”




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  1. Gail Reardon says:

    This is different Jess but very well said. Xxxxxx


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