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This is my best home made beauty trick. I discovered it when I was on a 9mth no shampoo crusade. Yes crazy, I know, but I learnt a lot about what hair is really like, naturally.

Ive always been a hair person, hair is beautiful and I’d have a personal hair dresser over a beautician any day. Unfortunately I’m not great at styling my hair and I have that kind of hair that decides to go in different directions. Cause its thinner it generally just flys around unless put into a bun on top of my head (the classic, modern, mum do). Anyway, I still love hair. So during this 9mth stint I tried a variety of different no poo (sham-poo) techniques, which you will discover if you start googling. There’s the bi-carb wash and apple cider vinegar conditioner (eventually learnt bi-carb is terrible for your hair long term). I tried tea washes, coffee, egg (egg is AMAZING, however full of protein so can only use once a fortnight or hair can get a bit stiff). I still use a beaten egg instead of shampoo every now and then, tip though, wash it out with cold water! You don’t want to wear scrambled egg. I trialed all these things for approx 6 weeks at a time so I could see if my hair would adjust to no shampoo and stop over producing oil. I even went water only for 2 mths. I can’t go into the details cause it’d take so long to describe what I had to go through!

The result was this, I learnt humans weren’t supposed to have that beautiful, oil free, just washed with shampoo hair. NO. Humans hair was supposed to be a little oily, and all through history women barely washed their hair, instead the brush took on a whole new meaning and was the key to beautiful hair. Brushing their hair daily meant that the natural oils would move down from the scalp and coat the hair to the tip, natural moisture and protection. Everyone’s hair was the like this, and it smelt like hair. Then some pain in the butt decided to create the idea of stripping women’s hair of this oil and making oil the “bad guy”. So hear we are in this day and age, shampooing sometimes every 2 days to combat the oil. And sadly if you don’t wash, your considered dirty, and to be honest it was hard to deal with my hair looking so different from everyone else’s. Most people probably wouldn’t have noticed, but I did. So I gave up, and here I am back to shampooing my hair every two days.

The two things I still do is use the dry shampoo recipe I found and egg washes every now and then. How expensive is dry shampoo? It doesn’t last long either and its FULL of chemicals, nasty ones. Here is a recipe that is AS GOOD as the ones you buy at the shop. Well at least I think so anyway and a blonde friend of mine agrees with me too, when I got her to try it while we stayed together in Alice Springs, learning to be midwives 🙂


Dry Shampoo Recipe

  1. Arrowroot Flour
  2. Cocoa/or Cacao if you want to be legit. I prefer cocoa as its usually darker and I have medium brown hair.

Now there is no measurements because it depends how much you want to make and it depends  on your hair colour. If your blonde you may not want to put the cocoa in, if your darker brown, don’t put much arrowroot flour in. I did this accidentally at first and had to tip half a container of cocoa into it to bring it to the brown I needed. If your hair is closer to black this may not work for you, it might be just to light and show up on your hair. One downside though, it can get a little messy, so just put little bits in at a time and rub into your hair. Don’t put on a white dress and do it, it will fall onto it, put it on afterwards. Also don’t put it directly onto the scalp area where you part your hair, or your scalp will look brown, not what we are going for! Store in a container.




The benefits to this is you get fresh hair again, extra volume, and it can even cover up some greys or regrowth a little. Speaking of greys, I found my first ever grey! I haven’t put a colour through my hair in a year so it just grew in all its grey glory. However I certainly pulled it out, I’m only turning 27 next month!

Enjoy trying this recipe out, its saved me heaps of money and kept my hair fresh on the day its due for a wash. Yes you will smell like hot chocolate! Some people even add cinnamon.



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  1. Gail Reardon says:

    Very interesting Jess and very informative.


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