And I felt a little like a real midwife…

I’m danceing with my family and friends to celebrate the marriage of my brother in law and gorgeous new wife, it’s a beautiful night in the open air. I’m an hour or so away from Cairns up on the tablelands and its pretty cold in my short summer dress! We farewell the happy couple with sparklers, smiles and cuddles, the dance floor is cleared and everyone makes their way home. I head towards our camper trailer, happy to lay my head down, but I detour towards the main house to grab my phone which I had left up there for a couple hours…. I freeze. Ive missed a series of calls and txts from an over due lady! I’m in awe of the crazy timing of this but am immediately in the zone when I call her. This is my first call out to a spontaneous labour and birth as a student midwife. She answers and is still at home but about to leave to go to hospital, she has a contraction on the phone and I just get the feeling that this is going to be reasonably quick. I leave my family to sleep and jump in the car to make my way down the range and back to Cairns.

I’m praying in the car that I make it, I’m driving through fog and for the most part I’m the only car on the road. Everything feels surreal and weird, this is not a normal night for me. I’m driving through the tablelands in the middle of the night, dressed in wedding attire going to a birth. It’s pretty much the coolest adventure I could of come up with.

Because I’m almost the only car on the road I make it down in record time. I drive by my house and throw my dress over my head, jump into my uniform and grab my student midwife bag.

I make it to the hospital and just over an hour later the woman that I’d been getting to know over the last few months had her baby. It was incredible, she was confident, in tune with her body, everything happened perfectly. When I saw her reaction to finding out she had her first daughter I cried with her, and experienced what it feels like to have that continuity with a woman.

After I finished up there I left cairns at 4:30am and drove back up the range and onto the tablelands. It was almost 6am when I got close to my destination and I decide to pull over on a dirt road surrounded by farmland and watch the sunrise over all the fog/mist. It was cold and luckily Adrian’s suit jacket had been left in the car from the wedding, I put that over my uniform. My hair was in disarray and my mascara a little smudged. I walked out in to the cool air and it was just getting lighter, rich, red, tableland earth clung to the sides of my sexy nursing shoes. The kookaburras were singing through the grey morning and the wind was blowing the gum trees all around. I laid down on the bonnet of my car, closed my eyes and listened to the morning sounds of the first day of a little girls life, the first morning I felt a little like a real midwife.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kayla farrell says:

    Beautiful Jess xxxx If only I was having more babies your would be my midwife of choice !!


  2. Michelle says:

    Oh this is so beautiful. Love it šŸ˜Š


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