The Monthly Cleanse

All I need is a good period. Thats what I say from about cycle day 20 onwards. I just long for a good cleanse, to get into my zone, lie down, relax, be all woman. Ive always loved this part of being a woman and the more we understand about the dynamics of our menstrual cycle the more we can be in awe and less in frustration. I love diving into the spiritual side of this physical phenomenon.

Day 1, the day your period begins, commands you to take time out for yourself, this is an important day! You can be emotional, tired after a few days of PMS, so today is the day when you really should respect your emotional needs. We usually know when this day is coming so try to avoid doing the goceries, cross-fit, cleaning, and other crazy things on this day. If there is one day of the month you lay around in your PJ’s, today is your day! I personally love day one!

Ive been buying these awesome organic, chlorine free, plastic free, free from all pads. You have no idea the amount of chemicals that are being put into the mainstream pads, and your putting them on your most special part for sometimes up to a full week every month. Seriously, why the heck do I need chlorine for my period? The normal pads will hold more for longer, but the natural pads make sure you are changing them regularly as they don’t absorb as much, due to not having all the absorbing crap in there. I know I’m getting into here, but you know that “smell” of a period…… its pretty much eliminated when I use natural pads. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!

After about day 2 or 3 you usually start feeling alot better, all those crazy emotions have usually subsided. Energy levels pick up and it all just keeps getting better and better as we near the climax of our month “O” DAY (ovulation). As we approach this day we get a bit frisky, we get a bit sexy, we look good, feel good. If we were free (childless) we would be more likely to dress up and go out dancing. Our husbands are like “Well hello! Where have you been for last week or 2?”. Our stomachs are usually flatter at this point as we have gotten over the whole “bloated” period stage, our skin is clearer, hair less oily. Lovely semen friendly secretions are all happening down below, cause whether we like it or not, your body is interested in making a baby every month. So all these sexy changes are your bodies way of attracting the opposite sex in your life to come and lose himself in pleasure. Its all a devious trick my husband says. There is one thing that is confusing, boobs should get bigger at this point, but they only get bigger during your period, this makes no sense to me, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Ovulation can happen at different times for every woman depending on how short or long her cycle is, don’t ever assume its the magic day 14, its probably not. Your chances of baby making a virtually zero the day after ovulation. Semen friendly secretions are all drying up and we head down the hill towards menstruation. Moods start to become  a little less patient, a little more opinionated, and I always feel more like a feminist the closer I get to the end.

Well the hardest part has a arrived and its this stage that I’m in as I type out this post. Feeling unattractive, but don’t care. Husband comes home and wants fish cooked… he ends up having to do it himself. Like I said I’m a full on feminist right now. I long for a winge or a rant to a girlfriend, a female who understands these emotional trials we go through that no male ever seems to get. I cry out “Let the flood gates open and have it done!”… but I know I’ve still got one more day to survive. So I’m writing this to all my girlfriends out there. Back in the day we would of all gone into our red tents, away from males, and general life, here we could talk philosophically, cry at anything remotely emotional and not be judged. When all is done we’d come out looking beautiful again, physically pumped, energized and ready to take on the world!

I don’t have a tent, although Ive got my mum living down the driveway, and I think we have synchronized our cycles this month so maybe I can go have a cup of tea with her. My sister messaged me and said she believes the lengths of our cycles, are an indicator of how long we can go before needing a break. Absolutely no scientific evidence to back that up but I find it funny. Guess I need a break every 26 days!

Talking Circle

I think my period is a total gift, it makes me take a break and honor my body. Also the menstrual cycle makes it harder to just fall pregnant by accident, I mean we are only fertile for a few days every month! Imagine if we were fertile every day, God help us! Every stage of your cycle you will find you are better at certain things. When I’m ovualting I can achieve alot, exercise, connect with my husband. When I’m in PMS I can develop my strong opinions, I can actually get very philosophical! When I’m menstruating I can take time out for myself and get back to the simpler things of life. Aren’t we amazing? Superwomen!

Here are some funny things I found to make you smile 🙂

moon cycle

menstrual pain quotes funny



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