Giving Birth the Third Time

Im treating you guys to something different with the third. A VIDEO! OMG! I know Im one of those crazy people who videos birth and actually puts it on youtube! My brother is mortified. Its been up for quite awhile now so maybe some of you have seen it. I narrate it so you do get all the information as well as the footage ( links at bottom of page). If you missed my First birth story click HERE, and for the Second click HERE


I had such a fantastic third labour, but again it had some surprises. Very few labours follow exactly as the textbook says, but you still do your best to maintain normality as best as you can. Keep calm, decide whats worth doing and whats not. In this birth I said no to haveing a fetal scalp electrode put on my babies head while in labour. They were already being monitored from the normal monitor around my belly. I did let them break my waters when I was about 8cms to try get things to move faster due to the bad heart rate of my baby. In the end I once again did deliberate pushes to get baby out quickly. I refused the oxytocin injection after labour and delivered the placenta naturally.

About 20mins after Joseph was born he was taken away from me due to difficulty breathing and a high heart rate. Despite being born 8 pounds at 38wks his lungs were not developed and he had an infection also. No one found out why he had the infection but it explains the high heart rate during labour. He also did not look for a feed when he was born as the other two did. So I didnt get to feed him with my breasts till he was two days old, he was fed my colostrum through a tube. He stayed in NICU for 4 nights and then 2 nights in special care. I stayed with him the entire time, even sleeping on a couch next to him. When we came home I felt so happy and he has been such a little blessing to our family, so full of life.


Every birth I have become more confident, more calm, more informed. The midwives I have had have been fantastic and supportive of my decisions. Every birth has been hard work but not work I don’t absolutely love, I will miss not doing it again. It gives a eurphoria like no other, those precious moments after birth never come again but I will always remember them and share them with the people who supported me on those special days. Birth is to be told and shared, not hidden away, I’m grateful for being blessed with such an experience three times.

Here is the video links to watch Josephs birth, this is the censored one HERE and here is the one for people who dont mind seeing everything! HERE


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