Giving Birth the Second Time

You know what your in for this time. You’ve learnt valuable lessons, you’ve hopefully equipped yourself with confidence and knowledge, your ready to dive head first into this and OWN it like you are the BOSS! Who’s with me? If you missed the first birth story click HERE

This is the attitude I had for round two. I hope that whoever is reading this and preparing for their second that you too take on this attitude. This is the main message I want to put forward for women going into subsequent births – Whatever happened last time, happened last time. This labour is DIFFERENT, you are DIFFERENT. If you had drugs last time and screamed your head off, you dont have to do that again, perhaps you want to, no big deal. If labour went for 24hrs its unlikely to do that again. If you had a cesarean last time, you dont have to do that again just because you’ve had one, dare I be controversial. If you had a great first time, still be prepared and equipped to do it all again.

Lets get to it!


At 38wks, I go into my antenatal appointment, as I suspected they want to induce due to gestational diabetes again, I say no. Doctor tells me scary story about a baby dying in the womb at full term, I choose to say my positive affirmations inside my head while listening. Fear has no place here.

10 January 2012

39wks 3 days, I go into antenatal appointment. A doctor does an internal examination and discovers I’m 3cms dilated! Yay! She does a stretch and sweep of my cervix to try and help things move along. Throughout the day I got lots of usual braxton hicks, but a new sensation appeared, a dull ache in my bottom area. I also lost my mucous plug that afternoon, needless to say I was super excited. My mum had arrived that morning so I was all ready for action to begin, plus Adrian said he didnt want to go to work tomorrow! That night I bounced on the ball around 8pm, I could tell something was trying to start but kept stopping whenever I relaxed, typical. So I decided that was good and I could have a nice sleep and wake up in the morning and do it then.

Sleep does not come and now a regular pattern has developed although I did not time them. I listened to my hypnosis tracks while laying in bed until I could no longer lay down anymore. Around 11pm my body decided I needed to do a last fuel up, so I went to the kitchen and made toast, everyone else was asleep. I still had not timed any contractions but they were now at a point I’d consider very steady and decided my birth time had begun.

11 January 2012

I used the birth ball and then the shower, I had to put a towel on the floor of it though so my knees didnt get sore. I burnt clary sage in the bathroom and it was quite intoxicating with all the steam haha and then I also had the hypnosis tracks playing out loud so the atmosphere was very hypnotic indeed! I was really enjoying this being at home thing, way better than being at hospital and I enjoyed just being by myself, in my own calm world, it was like nothing could touch me or my baby. I was still in the shower at 1am but started to feel a bit dizzy and legs a bit shaky. So I hopped out, I couldnt even get my pants on in time before another contraction hit me and then again as I walked to the kitchen to get a drink, maybe I was dehydrated. At 2am I woke my mum up and laid on her bed, I was so dopey and she couldnt believe I’d been up the entire time. In fact she was worried I was closer than I thought, so she timed a few contractions for the first time. They were 3 mins apart and lasting over 1 minute. I stayed lying on the bed, I was tired now, all day and night being awake. Mum and Adrian got ready to go to hospital. A friend came to look after Jacob, thanks Amy x

I’d started to say peace, over and over and that became my number one clue to relax throughout the rest of my labour. I was not overwhelmed like I had been with my first, I felt so in control. It was intense but so good.

We arrived at hospital around 3am, they checked me and I was 8cms! Whoo hoo! I once again laid down on my side and relaxed for a couple of hours. I feel like I get to this point and things slow down a bit for me, I seem to get stuck in a transitional phase haha which isnt super fun (it happened with my 3rd too). My legs were visibly shaky now and the pressure in my bottom was more intense. My sounds changed from “peace” to “aahh” and like last time sometimes I called out to Jesus but this time I wasnt afraid to say it out loud.

My body told me that was enough of lying down and to get up onto all fours, it was time for 2nd stage. I was adament that this time I was breathing baby out not pushing, so I just relaxed and let my body do the work. Now dont be fooled, Im relaxed but I am actually forcing my emotions into submission here. Of course sometimes I felt it was too much, but I resisted to believe that it was too much, and gained control. My mum sometimes put her hand on my shoulder and said peace to me. The midwife did not tell me to push, she let me do my thing.

Around 5:30am things were not looking normal, I was bleeding ALOT (turned out the placenta was coming away) and although I felt fine and baby was fine, everyone was worried. I amazingly stayed calm and just kept at it… until they told me that they needed baby out NOW and that a vaccum was needed and I was pulled out of my hypnotic state into the medical frenzy around me (fair enough though in this bleeding situation) I didnt respond well and screamed at them twice. There was so much blood my mum had to leave the room cause she felt faint, she remembers hearing me scream out from another room. I remember clinging to Adrian and it was a really special moment, he was with me, holding me. I screamed cause I was no longer calm and they were making me do things I didnt want to do, but had to do. I was turned onto my back (yuk) and told to hold onto my knees, a cather was put in to empty my bladder and then a suction cup was put on my babies head. Can I just add here that baby’s head was “right there”, yes, I hadnt pushed once and they had come down all by themselves. So thankfully with three pushes my sweet baby came out with a VERY quick motion! At 6am. Another boy! And all I could say was “Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.” I was so glad it was over and proud that I had done my first drug free birth. I was a bloody mess, and so was the bed and my baby boy but I did it! Again!


Looking ruined, however I actually felt amazing! Blood is tastefully hidden under plastic 🙂

That day I didnt worry about having to do it again like I did the first time, I would of been happy to. I was walking on cloud nine. At this point I thought that two was the end for me, I thought wrong! See my third birth on Video, link in this post HERE


  1. Drug free births are the BOMB! Nothing has empowered me like it Everyone is different but this is how I felt.
  2. Labouring at home ROCKS!
  3. I’m starting to be obsessed with pregnancy and birth haha
  4. labouring through the night is poo. Lay down and take regular breaks if this happens to you. If your still in earlier labour and can sleep or dose than do that. Dont get up and pace around, dont worry your body won’t let you miss anything! Promise.



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