I’m up against the biggest Christmas personality in the world, the untouchable man in red suit. If you don’t support him your a traitor to the magic of Christmas for children all around the world. A Kill Joy, that’s me! But I’m still totally going there!

We never did Santa from day one of having children and thought it would be really simple. I promoted the birth of Jesus, family, gratitude. Then kindergarten came along and so did Christmas that year. My plan was sabotaged and I was unprepared for the fight I had on my hands. Naturally Kids couldn’t stop talking about Santa and presents, not one mention was made about the traditional (REAL) meaning of Christmas. I do find it weird that Santa is allowed but the story of Christmas isn’t. I’m pretty sure a lot of kids these days wouldn’t even know the nativity story. So what if they don’t believe its real? Santa’s definitely not real!

We are now onto the next Christmas and my eldest is now in prep, Santa, Santa, Santa, everywhere. He visits the school, the carols, and shopping centres, pictures and posters of him everywhere. Do you know how hard it was to find a pack of cards with the nativity scene on it?

I need to strengthen my game plan. A story book about the birth of Jesus isn’t competing with the snowball of influence Santa and his helpers have on Christmas. How about we just rename the whole day? Santa Day, I guess would be too obvious. What about World Family Day? That’s alright hey? No Jesus at all, bloody fantastic!

I’ve tried explaining things many times to my eldest. Santa is a “Character” of Christmas like Slinki Malinki the cat in one of our Christmas books. He is not real, just pretend, and its totally ok to have a bit of fun pretending. But Santa is a very small part of Christmas. I also told him that other kids believe in Santa and that’s ok,  we don’t have to openly disagree with them. Maybe he could say “Do you know that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus?”. Great conversation starter in a state school. Doesn’t somebody have to tell them too? He seemed to get it and be happy. Next minute he comes home asking why his friends are getting presents from Santa and he isn’t. I sigh deeply, how could it be this hard?

Maybe people are offended by Jesus, well I’m offended by Santa. Santa stands for presents, Jesus stands for Love.

And to those who say I’m stealing the “fun” out of my kids Christmas…. The Nativity story leaves Santa’s One Night Wonder for dead…

A giant star in the sky followed for months by mysterious wise men on camels. Lowly shepherds cold in the hills, are startled by a chorus of angels singing and proclaiming the good news they had all been waiting so long for, “Your saviour is here”. All these people who were seeking him, found him, not in a palace, although he was the king of kings, not in the temple, although he was God of this world. They found him in a smelly stable, sleeping in what the animals would of usually eaten their food out of, a manger. He was born to a girl with a very common name, Mary, a girl who was shamed because she fell pregnant before she was married or even before she had been with a man. But who’d believe that? Joseph was a carpenter. Normal people would bring up the Saviour of the world. I believe the world watched that night, the stars, the mountains, the trees, animals and even the unseen world, the supernatural world watched the most momentous moment so far unfold.


I’m telling the boys more than  story about presents, chimneys, trees and reindeers. I’m telling them something real. A love that gives us gifts whether we are “good” or “bad”. A gift available to receive without a dollar spent. I get to receive the gift just as much as the little African girl receives it, just as much as the thief in jail can receive it. No one gets left out.

So I hope with a few things I’m putting into practice this year that very soon my kids will be more excited about Jesus than they are excited about Santa. It wont just happen like that, especially in our materialistic world. You have to make an effort to compete with elves of shelves, Santa’s workshop at the shopping centre and the stories told at schools and carols. So I’m Sacking Santa and today my husband and I made a giant star out of wood, spray painted it gold and covered it in lights… its going to hang on a tree outside and after I tell part one of my special nativity story my three little wise men are going to go and find the star twinkling in our garden and look forward to the next instalment in the lead up to the big day!

May your Christmas be blessed with peace and happiness. And may you remember with your family what its really all about! xx






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  1. Sarah Reardon says:

    This is going for the big guns! Respectfully put and clearly articulated.


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