Hi, from “The Hill” in Far North Queensland, Australia! Up here is hot, humid and wet for most of the year…yuk! BUT here is home, and here is family, my family. I’m living on the same hill I grew up on, and my Dad grew up on, now Im here with four energetic boys… one is my husband! I get a lot of “You must be busy”… well yeah, but some days I feel I’ve achieved very little and only prevented ALOT. Which I guess is kinda important!

the view  OUR VIEW!

I spend my days mostly at home, cleaning, feeding, and watching my children to make sure they don’t kill themselves or destroy the house. This can become very repetitive so I always have exciting projects and ideas flying around in my life to spice things up. And quite often they spice up the lives of others who listen to my mad ramblings. You’ll find out more about them in time, I promise!

Everything for me is centred by my family, they are the foundation of my identity and the time I have with them is high priority. I have my grandparents next door and my parents on the same block of land just down the driveway. It is called “The Hill” or “The Commune” because sometimes there are so many of us living on the hill it seems it own community. We are surrounded by rainforest, a seasonal creek, views over our city and over the mountains. We have constant interaction with the wildlife, some welcomed, some unwelcomed. Wallabies, bush turkeys, goannas, echidnas (on rare occasions), all forms of native hopping mice and rats, huge variety of birdlife, and sometimes even pigs come down attempting to dig up my vegetable garden. Insects are another story…

This is my home and family and here on “The Hill” is a place where people often come and feel like they belong too. Its where I am now as I begin this blogging journey and hopefully you too will see why this is a special place to live.

Welcome to the Wilderness and answer the calling into the wild wild world that is life!

the hill

View from my veranda over “The Hill”


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